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The Giant coaches, Gail and Craig are on hand to share in the excitment of day! Congratulation Katie Goldberg!


The Kyle Burnat Award is given on a yearly basis to the 12 year old in the baseball program who most embodies the "NYO experience" - the ability to appreciate his teammates and the special and fleeting moments of playing baseball as a kid, finding a love for the game and discovering a level of dedication to the task at hand that can later be applied in life. The recipient will not necessarily have the most talent, but someone who has gotten the most out of those talents while recognizing the importance of team, camaraderie, sportsmanship and citizenship.

Here’s what this player's current coaches have to say about our recipient:

As a baseball player, it doesn’t get much better than having this player on your team. However, it’s the intangibles that set this player apart from others, leading by example and setting the standard for teammates and opponents. It’s been recognized by opposing players, coaches and parents that this player not only has a heightened skill level, but also an unwavering dedication and approach to the game. Our recipient also has an incredibly positive attitude and encourages her teammates in both good and tough times on the field. This player has impeccable manners and I’ve never gone a single practice or game without a “thanks Coach” and a high-five. I’ve never heard this player say a negative word about anyone or anything on or off the baseball field. This player practices every single day and the work ethic and dedication help pushes teammates to a higher level. This player represents the spirit of NYO. Everyone at NYO knows this player's name, and it's a name that represents hard work, dedication and humility. A player like this is why we coach.

I was really awe struck by the number of glowing comments we had about our honoree and the impact that this player has made on so many people in the entire program, and not just within this 12 year old group. Our recipient has done something incredibly unique here at NYO and reached heights that have never been reached before and likely will never be again. However, this uniqueness does not define our recipient but instead only enhances what make this player so special and incredibly worthy of this honor.

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