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David and Kitty Hartley join Head Coach Jeff Wolverton of the Yankess in congratulating Wiley Hartley!


The Kyle Burnat Award is given on a yearly basis to the 12 year old in the baseball program who most embodies the "NYO experience" - the ability to appreciate his teammates and the special and fleeting moments of playing baseball as a kid, finding a love for the game and discovering a level of dedication to the task at hand that can later be applied in life. The recipient will not necessarily have the most talent, but someone who has gotten the most out of those talents while recognizing the importance of team, camaraderie, sportsmanship and citizenship.

Here’s what this player's current coaches have to say about our recipient:

He is one of those players that come along only so often, he is without a doubt the best teammate I've coached in my 13 yrs. at NYO. Always quick to praise everyone’s good play and pick them up when things aren't going their way. Even though he's one of the best players in the league you'd never know it, he constantly talks about how good all other players are around the league and always deflects accolades for himself to his team and never ever makes excuses when he struggles. He's a tireless worker who shows up early and leaves late, he's respectful of his coaches and umpires and his loved by his teammates. He even volunteered to walk in the opening day parade with their small ball namesake and coaches kids. He's a joy to be around and in short is the kind of boy that you never want to stop coaching and is the kind of boy you'd be very proud to call your son. Another current coach chimed in : great player, but better teammate - always wants to help his coaches and teammates.  Very selfless player with a huge level of commitment to baseball. I've never coached a kid who asked so many dang questions - but they were all good ones, because he was trying to get a better and deeper understanding of the game he clearly loves.

choa cresa chase



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