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OrangeDolphins2014 final2

2014 Fall Rookies Tournament Champions

Team:  Orange Dolphins (Coaches Frank Nelson and Jarrod Nackley)

Welcome to the NYO Rookie League

LEAGUE OVERVIEW The NYO Rookie League is an instructional league for girls ages 7 or 8 on December 31 designed to establish a fun framework for the girls to learn the sport and improve their skills. In the Rookie League, the coaches pitch to the girls. Otherwise, the girls play like the older players. We use 5-run maximums for each at-bat, to insure that the girls get an equal amount of time in the field and at the plate. The focus is on fundamentals of hitting, running, catching and throwing, but we begin in the Rookies to introduce the girls to the way softball is played. Score is kept during the game, but there are no standings.

A few important reminders about the Rookie League:

• Player Evaluations/Team Assignments: on Sunday, January 31, the Rookie League players will participate in player evaluations, with each player having the chance to hit, run, catch and throw. The process only takes about 30 minutes (including a short wait in line). After evaluations, teams are assigned with an eye towards balancing out the talent and ages on each team. The teams are specifically not assigned by school. We have found over the years at NYO that one of the best things about the league is having the opportunity to make new friends. So, you may only have one or two players from your school on your team, but you’ll get the opportunity to make ten new friends!

• Season: the girls will practice twice a week leading up to the regular season. Once games begin, each team will play a game during the week (usually either on Tuesday or Thursday night), play a game on Sunday, and hold one practice on Saturday for an hour. The NYO Rookie League is, most importantly, a lot of fun. Those of you who are returning families know how enjoyable those Spring evenings and Sunday afternoons are. Those of you who are new to NYO will get to experience it yourself this spring. We look forward to seeing you at NYO!

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