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Everything You Need To Know About NYO 2013 Spring Baseball

We've shaken off the post-holidays lethargy and are ready for some baseball. Full steam ahead on another record year 1524 players and 120 teams. Thanks to all for your continued support of the NYO Baseball program (and hopefully even more support as we put our 2013 capital campaign into full swing ... more to follow in the coming weeks and months on that front). Read on! Click the title or image to view full article and then download the information provided for answer to your questions!

We are attaching a memo with lots info on the upcoming season and details on tryout/evaluation weekend. We are also attaching the detailed tryout schedule for January 26-27. Finally, we are re-attaching the 2013 overall calendar (same as what we sent out back in October).

If you either will be out of town or absolutely cannot come during your assign time, see the memo for details on what to do. But please do everything you can do be there during your assigned time so we can keep things orderly that weekend.

We're also attaching a separate document with our list of the Top 10 questions we get about tryouts - hope we answer most of your questions. Plenty of info there on finding your tryout number, figuring out when and where to go, what to bring, what happens if you have a direct conflict, etc, so please refer to this before sending in any emails.

Tryouts will go on unless we have extreme weather conditions. We'll be sending out updates as we get closer to that weekend.

See everyone in less than three weeks,

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Thanks, NYO Baseball

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