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Community Partners and Seasonal Team Sponsors at NYO

Northside Youth Organization (NYO) is a partner with the City of Atlanta Park and Recreation Department in providing youth programs throughout the year. Your support is greatly needed to help maintain and enhance the park programs that touch more than 3600 families annually. Our objective is to go beyond just playing sports…we teach teamwork, good sportsmanship, discipline, and competitiveness that can positively impact children throughout their life. Your contributions provide everything from daily operating costs, field maintenance, referees/umpires, to uniforms and balls for each sport to name only a few of the many needs. Our expenses far exceed the registration costs for each child and we strive to keep them as low as possible to allow more children to participate. We depend greatly on our Community Partners and Seasonal Sponsors for supplementing the registration fees through advertising and financial support.

A Little About NYO…..

NYO is considered one of the oldest parks with the largest participation in the south: 4205 registered participants, ages 4-14. One of the only parks in Georgia with 4 sport/year round participation.

2011-2012 participations:

  • 1500 Spring Baseball Players (ages 4-14) an average of 4-10 hours at the park per week per child
  • 667 Girls Softball Players
  • 784 Fall Baseball  Players
  • 130 Fall Girls Softball Players
  • 641 Football Players
  • 108 Football Cheerleaders
  • 445 Basketball Players
  • Two middle schools and two high schools that utilize the NYO fields for boys and girls sports throughout the fall and spring seasons.
  • Our website averages 40,000-45,000 hits per day and is consistently used for park communication.
  • The park is operated with one NYO paid employee and thousands of volunteers. All of our coaches are dedicated volunteers.

Community Partners:

The Community Partnership Program at Northside Youth Organization is one of the many ways to help NYO achieve its objectives. There are many partnership opportunities we can explore to meet your business needs, while helping NYO in supporting the parks needs. We have a multitude of advertising options from outfield and scoreboard signs, directory pages, website ads with coupon links, and tournament sponsorships to name a few.

Whether or not you have a child that plays baseball, softball, football, basketball or is a cheerleader, this is an opportunity to support your community and your business!

Community Partnership Packages are:

Platinum Level Community Partnership: $5,000 Plus

Billboard sign on one of our premiere locations
Recognition in 3 seasonal directories as a Community Partner
Distribution of 2 pieces of marketing literature each season

Gold Level Community Partnership: $4,000

A One year commitment
3 Signs (One sign on each of our major fields and/or the gymnasium)
A website ad linked to your homepage (www.nyosports.com)
Recognition in 3 seasonal directories as a Community Partner
Distribution of 2 pieces of marketing literature each season

Silver Level Community Partnership: $2000

A One year commitment
2 Outfield Signs (One sign on two fields of your choice)
Recognition in 3 seasonal directories as a Community Partner
Distribution of 1 piece of marketing literature each season

Bronze Level Community Partnership: $1000

$1000 annually
One Outfield Sign on your field of choice
Recognition in 3 seasonal directories as a Community Partner


Bronze Level Partnership: Gymnasium

A Three year commitment for $500 annually.

  • One Sign in the Gymnasium


Website Advertiser - $1000 plus set up fee

  • Place your ad on the NYO website with a link to your homepage.
  • Over 40,000 hits daily
  • Artwork can be created for an additional fee

Billboard advertising is available on the back of Scoreboards and the back of the Monster board behind Garr Field. Pricing varies by location due to the different exposures within the park.

NYO Website Advertising

$1000/year. Can be bundled with other ad programs.

If you have a web site, we can “link” it from the advertisement.

Advertisements are 300 pixels wide X 200 pixels high. JPEG format required.

NYO Directory

Per Book

Per Book

Per Book

(Member's Directory)




Back Cover

$ 1,000



Inside Front Cover

$ 500



Inside Back Cover

$ 400



Page 1

$ 500



Last Page before cover

$ 400



Gym Signs (Basketball)


Major Corporate Partners or Tournament Sponsor


Updated: 10/11/2008

To obtain more information about becoming a community partner or sponsoring a seasonal sport at NYO: Please call or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Barbara Jackson at: (404) 933-2334.

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