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Softball Email Contact Address
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Brian Raley Commissioner

Chris Deisley Assistant Commissioner
Ann Conrad Assistant Commissioner
Doug Lindauer Assistant Commissioner

Positive Coaching Alliance - Softball
All coaches, players and parents!

Ann Conrad NYO Softball Registration Coordinator
Chris Deisley Games and Tournament Scheduling
Stan Jones Fields and Facilities - Softball
Allen Shelton Team Equipment
Julie Bassett Uniforms
Scott Smith Senior League Director
Todd Murphy Major League Director
Steven Silverstein Minor League Director
Lisa Martinez Rookie League Director
Mark Crosswell Kit Kat League Director
Julie Bassett Director - Parents Auxiliary
Lindsey Wall Parents Auxiliary - Senior League
Jaci Hardy Parents Auxiliary - Major League
Jill Chopra Parents Auxiliary - Minor League
Elizabeth Glass Parents Auxilary - Rookie/Kit Kat Leagues
Barbara Jackson Community Partners Program
Chris Deisley Youth Umpire Coordinator
Krist Voyles Red Book Directory - Softball

Leo Rose Christopher League

Jane Wilkins NYO Executive Director
Larry Bennett NYO Chairman
Clete McGinty NYO President
Mark Crosswell NYO Vice President
Mark Elliott NYO Vice President
Murray Reavis NYO Treasurer
Larry Bennett NYO Fields and Facilities
Kendall Young NYO Webmaster
Steve Allen Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Coordinator

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