Weather & Field Status Update

Summer update: All fields will PARTIALLY OPEN as shown below

We have now completed our regular season and playoffs for baseball and softball.  Fields and cages are only avaiilable for use by NYO sanctioned summer teams. Once the summer teams are done, fields will be completely shut down for the most past as we work of field recovery and conversion to football and fall baseball/softball season. 

We will not update this site during the summer for weather. Teams and coaches should use best judgement and stay off fields during inclement weather in order to keep players safe and to maintain the quality of the fields. 

As always,  cages are open, but do not use them in the event of steady rain, lightning or dangerous, frigid or sloppy conditions. Thunder & Lightning Safety Plan

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Thunder & Lightning Safety Plan

Thunder & Lightning Safety Plan for NYO's Fields at Chastain Park.



* All play or practice is suspended
* All players, coaches, umpires, officials and spectators should leave the field and seek shelter immediately!

Move to a sturdy enclosed structure or a fully enclosed vehicle with the windows rolled up. No place is absolutely safe from a lightning threat, however some places are safer than others. Stay away from:

* Keep off of fields, common areas and any area of higher elevation.
* Avoid Tall isolated objects, such as flag poles, light poles or trees.
* Keep away all metal fences, bleachers and batting cages.
* Avoid all water and water fountains.

Safety is the number one consideration - common sense and good judgment should be used at all times.

Parents dropping off unattended children should have a safety plan in place for their child.
Do not return until the all clear is sounded – 3 quick 5 second horn blasts.

NOTE – For offsite NYO games or practices, umpires and coaches should follow the same safety guidelines if they hear thunder or see lightning. Play or practice shall not be resumed until there has been a minimum all clear period of 15 minutes – again common sense and good judgment should be used at all times.

Thank you!

It's been half a lifetime (he's 27) since Chris Meyer strode to an NYO plate with a game on the line. In its final at-bat, his team trailed 7-4, with two outs and runners on first and second. A bandage fluttered from Chris's raw left leg which lost six inches of skin on an earlier slide. The lanky lefthander drove the looping yellow softball deep to left. It clanked the top of the 'green monster' on the Garr Field, missing a game-tying home run by inches. As he raced toward third, Chris did what only an overzealous NYO'er would do. He slid --- again. The bandage entirely gone, he popped up to the cheers of his teammates. But the game would end, 7-6, a moment later on a lazy flyball to left, Chris still on third.

'Welcome NYO Alums,' said the banner at the parking entrance. Allan Gottlieb, who dreamed up the event, said 110 former players --- men and women --- and coaches and more than 100 parents, spouses, significant others and siblings showed up. Present-day NYO ballplayers, many just finishing their games, hung around to watch, too. 'It was a walk through NYO history,' said baseball commissioner Cliff Barshay. '(It was) fantastic to see kids all grown up, and really special to see some of their parents, many mainstays of NYO leadership.'

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Friday, 20 May 2016 16:36

Dugout Doings: The Pride of NYO

Even when he was 9, people knew Robert Currie was born to lead. Consider this story from his NYO football coach, Chip Traynor: 'The Irish drafted Robert as a first-year player in the 9 and 10 year old Littles program. In almost all cases for the Irish, first-year players are generally defensive linemen or weak-side corners at best. Our intention for Robert was weak-side corner. But Robert had a level of maturity far in advance of a typical 9-year-old NYO player. He had more physical talent than we realized and he quickly worked into a franchise-level running back for the Irish. That has never happened before or since. He was a gifted natural leader (who learned) our Irish principles of hard work, team sacrifice and perseverance. During his time at NYO Robert benefitted from many other coaches, but I want to make clear that Robert himself was responsible for what Robert became. Robert was always a unique young man with a different maturity level. He was the most mentally advanced 9-year-old we have ever coached. He had great parental training and upbringing. If he wishes, he could become Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.'

For now, Midshipman Robert Currie of the US Naval Academy will have to settle for something a bit less lofty. Robert, a centerfielder and captain of the Navy baseball team, is known as 'Captain of the captains' in Annapolis. The captains of the 30-plus athletic teams at the Naval Academy have elected Robert their collective 'captain.'  Go to to get the full story.

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She really can sit down long enough to enjoy a baseball game. The picture accompanying this story proves that. Paige Fielden, NYO's consummate volunteer, is the 2016 recipient of the Suzanne Caswell Volunteer of the Year award. It's a recognition, according to baseball commissioner Cliff Barshay, that she could win every year. But this is Paige's year.

Her daily visits and long hours in the Dowis building are the stuff of legend. It's not the Opening Day festivities she's organized nor her years spent leading the NYO Auxiliary that qualify her. Rather, it's how she gets things done, according to Jane Wilkins, NYO's executive director and Paige's biggest fan. 'She's changed so much for the better,' Jane says. 'She's an innovator. She picks out talent and brings them along. And she's never intimidated. If she feels strongly about something, she'll win. She's a strong, passionate leader.'

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Saturday, 14 May 2016 16:39

Dugout Doings: Graduation Day

Once, they lined the fences surrounding the Small Ball, Shetland Blue and Shetland Red fields as if to form a protective human ring around their little ones. This day, they gathered tentatively against the backstop of the Miss Jane Wilkins Bronco Field as their now young men (and one woman) moved from the infield toward the pitcher's mound for a group photo.

For 104 NYO 12-year-olds, Saturday was 'graduation day.' Their years of playing through the Majors or Bronco divisions were complete. One-by-one, baseball commissioner Cliff Barshay called their names and they trotted into an arc that ran from third base to a point between second and first. Because so few were present for Opening Day ceremonies, which are geared toward younger players, Cliff wanted them to say farewell to Jane Wilkins, who is retiring after 40 years of NYO service. 'Jane, look around,' Cliff said. 'This is your legacy.'

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He bounced from the Bronco Dodgers dugout and retrieved the discarded bat. That he was wearing a Phillies uniform and his team was the next game up mattered not at all to Noah Weiner. He was happy to serve as batboy for the Dodgers, a team for which two Sutton Middle School 6th-grade classmates played.

From the time he began playing NYO baseball as a four-year-old, Noah Weiner has put team and others first, according to those who know him, those who have coached him. 'His little head is never down,' says NYO executive director Jane Wilkins. Noah is the 2016 recipient of the Kyle Burnatt award, which NYO gives to one 12-year-old at the end of each baseball season. He is the 13th in a distinguished line of youngsters who have epitomized the very best of the 'NYO experience.' 

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Wednesday, 17 February 2016 06:52

NYO Hoops - Seniors League Playoff Schedule


Game # Date Day Gym Time Game Comment
1 2/20/2016 SAT NYO 3:00 PM #5 Bulls (60) v. #12 Knicks (56) 1st round
2 2/20/2016 SAT NYO 4:15 PM #6 Spurs (60) v. #11 Blazers (54) 1st round
3 2/20/2016 SAT NYO 5:30 PM #8 Lakers (63) v. #9 Hornets (58) 1st round
4 2/20/2016 SAT NYO 6:45 PM #7 Warriors (37) v. #10 Mavs (34) 1st round
5 2/21/2016 SUN Galloway 5:30 PM #3 Cavs (66)  v. #6 Spurs (62) Quarters
6 2/21/2016 SUN Galloway 6:45 PM #1 Thunder (61) v. #8 Lakers (43) Quarters
7 2/22/2016 MON Lynwood 6:45 PM #4 Hawks 52  v. #5 Bulls 63 Quarters
8 2/22/2016 MON Lynwood 8:00 PM #2 Celtics 48 v. #7 Warriors 51 Quarters
9 2/23/2016 TUES NYO 7:15 PM #3 Cavs 60 v. #7 Warriors 54 Semifinals
10 2/24/2016 WED NYO 8:00 PM #1 Thunder 56 v. #5 Bulls 46 Semifinals
11 2/28/2016 SUN NYO 12:00 PM Seniors All-star game N/A
12 2/28/2016 SUN NYO 1:00 PM #3 Cavs v. #1 Thunder Championship

Wednesday, 17 February 2016 06:24

NYO Hoops - A League Playoff Schedule

NYO Hoops - A League (lvy League) Playoff Schedule

Game # Date Day Gym Time Game Comment
1 2/17/2016 WED NYO 5:15 PM #1 Penn v. #8 Harvard Quarters
2 2/17/2016 WED NYO 6:15 PM #2 Brown 25 v. #7 Princeton 10 Quarters
3 2/18/2016 THU NYO 5:15 PM #3 Cornell v. #6 Columbia Quarters
4 2/18/2016 THU NYO 6:15 PM #4 Darmouth v. #5 Yale Quarters
5 2/20/2016 SAT NYO 9:00 AM Winner (GM1) v. Winner (GM4) Semis
6 2/20/2016 SAT NYO 10:00 AM #2 Brown v. Winner (GM3) Semis
7 2/22/2016 MON NYO 5:30 PM Winner (GM5) v. Winner (GM6) A Championship
Tuesday, 19 January 2016 10:23

Dugout Doings: Meet Tony Watkins

You learn a lot by visiting someone where he works. Rain pours and it’s still dark outside  as a Holy Innocents’ senior performs her early-morning basketball drills alone in the high school’s gym.  Sydney Long halts her work and beams at the mention of Tony Watkins’ name. ‘He’s my coach,’ she says.

Sydney is heading to Furman to study and to play basketball, but this year she is limited to drills as she recovers from a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Coach Tony Watkins appears and encourages her  --- ‘We really miss her shooting,’ he says. Later, at the  assistant athletic director’s office he occupies, colleagues pretend to be indignant when he  introduces the guest from NYO. In fact, they are proud of their guy.

At the end of this school year, he, too, will leave Holy Innocents’. He has taught sixth-grade geography and coached girls’ varsity basketball there since 2008. From a talented pool of more than 300 applicants, Tony has emerged to succeed Jane Wilkins, NYO’s executive director of 35 years. The NYO board took care in a letter announcing the change to say ‘there is no replacing Jane . . . the heart and soul of NYO.’

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