Weather & Field Status Update

Fields Are CLOSED (except as noted below)

All baseball, softball and football fields at the park and off-site are now CLOSED for the season as we undergo field conversions and maintainence. The only excpetion is for sanctioned official post-season football pracitces on the football fields. Please keep off all other fields.

As always, cages are open, but do not use them in the event of steady rain, lightning or dangerous, frigid or sloppy conditions. Thunder & Lightning Safety Plan

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Thunder & Lightning Safety Plan

Thunder & Lightning Safety Plan for NYO's Fields at Chastain Park.



* All play or practice is suspended
* All players, coaches, umpires, officials and spectators should leave the field and seek shelter immediately!

Move to a sturdy enclosed structure or a fully enclosed vehicle with the windows rolled up. No place is absolutely safe from a lightning threat, however some places are safer than others. Stay away from:

* Keep off of fields, common areas and any area of higher elevation.
* Avoid Tall isolated objects, such as flag poles, light poles or trees.
* Keep away all metal fences, bleachers and batting cages.
* Avoid all water and water fountains.

Safety is the number one consideration - common sense and good judgment should be used at all times.

Parents dropping off unattended children should have a safety plan in place for their child.
Do not return until the all clear is sounded – 3 quick 5 second horn blasts.

NOTE – For offsite NYO games or practices, umpires and coaches should follow the same safety guidelines if they hear thunder or see lightning. Play or practice shall not be resumed until there has been a minimum all clear period of 15 minutes – again common sense and good judgment should be used at all times.

Thank you!

Thursday, 27 October 2016 00:00

Football Champions


7 Year old Championship - Spartans are Champions!

8 Year old Championship - Panthers win 8 year old Championship

9 year old Championship - Gators prevail to be Champs 

10 year old Championship - Bulldogs extend dynasty

Bigs Championship -           Bears are Champions!

Years ago NYO football teams won 7 National Pop Warner Championships. Those teams competed using the name “Red Devils” and were lead by legendary coach Bob Blackwell. The Red Devil Creed was drafted in the 1960's by Coach Blackwell.


This weekend on November 28th and 29th Red Devil teams playing in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade divisions will compete in the Miracle Bowl in Alpharetta. For directions and the game schedules click on the following link:


The 6th Grade Red Devils team is playing in an age-based tournament as the 12 Year Old Red Devils. The 12 year old team plays Saturday morning, November 28th at 10:00 vs. the Atlanta Steelers at 10:00 in Conyers.  A link to the 12 year old tournament follows:


REGISTRATION UPDATE 11/21/15: We have completed our initial returning player and open registration for 2016 Spring Baseball. We are continuing to register and players will inittally be wait listed. We will clear players from the wait list as space allows. Right now we have limited  immediate openings in some (but not all) leagues including our league age 4 year old Small Ball program and our 13-14 year old Pony program) .  Even if  we cannot get you in right away, we encourgage you to register and get on our wait list as soon as possible so we can admit you when a spot opens up. We do get drops throughout the winter as we get closer to getting started at the end of Januaray. In the event we cannot clear you from our wait list, you get a 100% refund.


We know it's football and fall baseball season, basketball is just getting underway and the World Series hasn't started yet, but....
Here's a first notice regarding signups for the 2016 spring season of NYO Baseball (rising ages 4-14) with some important attachments. Sign ups will run online from November 7-20 for returning players ages 5-12, Pony Baseball (ages 13-14 for both returning and new players) and Small Ball (age 4 new players), and November 14-20 for new players ages 5-12. If you played with us in either the spring or fall of 2014, you are considered a returning player.
Rising 5's who played Small Ball last spring should register in the Baseball (5-12) league as returning players. Rising 13's should register in the Pony league for 13-14 year olds as returning players.


Click on this article heading to read more and also to view attachments - our start up informational memo and tentative calendar for the overall season. 

Saturday, 21 November 2015 11:45

9 Year Old Peach Bowl - West Team

9 Year Old Peach Bowl Team - West Team


Players listed alphabetically:   

Pierce Adamson, Wyatt Alford, Jordan Bride, Vincent Casal, Blake Fielden, Luke Harpring, Thomas Ingram, Henry Levenson, Preston Lusink, Wesley Lybrook, Dylan Mayors, Colin McGinty, Anthony Mokry, Musinga Mbuvi, Brooks Newberry, Gibbs Pope, Jamie Savula, Palmer Scarritt, Lawton Soderman, Eliot Stewart, Austin Williams, Ashton Woods


Coaches:  Lee Caswell, Jr., Lee Caswell, Sr., Jeff Hogan, William Linginfelter,

Thursday, 05 November 2015 05:28

Cheer Off a Success!

The annual Cheer Off was a big success!  The weather may have been dreary, but the field was full of smiles!  All of our nine cheer squads did a fantastic job, but ultimately the Packers took 1st place!  They were followed by the Bears in 2nd place, and the Steelers in 3rd.  We had a great showing of support by our football players who presented the girls with flowers as a token of their appreciation for supporting them throughout the season.  A great big Thank You to Eric Olsen who rocked the music, and to our wonderful coaches who have dedicated so much of their time to working with our girls!

Monday, 02 November 2015 09:32

all-star Sunday for girls basketball

It was all-star Sunday for the girls' majors and WNBA teams, on November 1.  A special thanks go out to the majors coaches Fletcher and Klump, for coaching the 2 majors teams.  The majors all-star teams (photo at left) played a thrilling double over-time game that roused a large crowd at the Galloway gym.  Click on the article name above for the rosters for the game.


Friday, 30 October 2015 10:02

NYO Basketball make-up Tryout date and Time

The make-up try-outs for those that cannot make the regular try-outs for NYO basketball will start at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, at the Chastain/NYO gym.  We will get out more detail on precise make-up times as we get a better handle on how many people will be at the make-ups, but for now, assume no earlier than 6:30 p.m., and no later than 8:00 p.m.

Last night in a majors finals game that was broadcast internationally over the NYO-wide web, the Wildcats bested the Bulldogs.  In the picture, the Wildcats proudly display their hard-earned hardware. Click on the title of the article to read more about the game and the season.

NYO families, coaches and volunteers come and go. Someone important to one generation of NYO may be unknown to the next. Sid Fortson was such an individual. At 2 p.m. Sunday, October 25, a graveside memorial service will be held to celebrate the life of Milton Sidney Fortson Jr. at the Doves Creek Baptist Church in Elberton, Georgia. Mr. Fortson died on October 16 at his home. The NYO of today is due, in no small part, to Sid Fortson.

'From my viewpoint, there was no one who loved NYO more than he did,' recalls Jane Wilkins, our executive director. 'He was the treasurer for many years (15, I think). He wrote the history of NYO.' Brad Glenn, an NYO parent, coach and volunteer today, recalls Sid Fortson from the days when 'I played there and for years afterwards. He was the kind of person a program needs to be successful, someone willing to put in the time, energy and passion for the greater good.'

(To read more, please click on the headline). 




Wednesday, 07 October 2015 00:00

NYO Strategic Plan

Twenty-eight years.  That’s how long I’ve been an NYO parent-coach-volunteer. If you asked me how our organization works, how it continues to improve, I’d recite a litany of names. It would be a list of thousands --- parents and non-parents alike --- who commit their time each year for the love of children and for the games they play. They’re the people --- starting with Jane Wilkins --- who have given us the premier youth-sports organization in the South.

In 65 years, we’ve grown to serve 2,500 families with 5,000 registered baseball, fastpitch softball, football, basketball and cheerleading children, ages 4 to 14.  We also operate the Christopher League for children with special needs.

We do it all in the heart of Atlanta’s biggest and busiest park, Chastain, or on high-quality playing fields we maintain with school and church partners.

A romantic might call it the Miracle of NYO. But romances, even the best ones, hit rough patches. Even miracles have shelf life and an expiration date. Leaders move on. Volunteers find new interests. Success breeds complacency, which can yield to mediocrity. Tough economic times strain everyone. Bad things do, occasionally, happen.

No one can anticipate every challenge, every opportunity. But if you’re paying attention you might just catch the next updraft or avoid the unexpected wind shear. That’s why, a year ago, NYO’s board set out to develop a detailed three-year strategic plan that will guide operations and decision-making. (click headline or image to read more)

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