Weather & Field Status Update

All Fields currently OPEN (Sunday 4/26)

UPDATE: The baseball schedule for games on Sunday is in the first article to the right on the main part of this web site.  All games are also shown in the schedules section of this website. Small Ball schedule is per the schedule here on this web site. Additionally practices have been moved around in order to accomodate use of fields for make up games and conflicts for coaches wtih 2 teams.Those schedules were blasted around yesterday and sent through league directors to coaches.

As always, cages are open, but do not use them in the event of rain, lightning or dangerous, frigid or sloppy conditions. Thunder & Lightning Safety Plan

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Thunder & Lightning Safety Plan

Thunder & Lightning Safety Plan for NYO's Fields at Chastain Park.



* All play or practice is suspended
* All players, coaches, umpires, officials and spectators should leave the field and seek shelter immediately!

Move to a sturdy enclosed structure or a fully enclosed vehicle with the windows rolled up. No place is absolutely safe from a lightning threat, however some places are safer than others. Stay away from:

* Keep off of fields, common areas and any area of higher elevation.
* Avoid Tall isolated objects, such as flag poles, light poles or trees.
* Keep away all metal fences, bleachers and batting cages.
* Avoid all water and water fountains.

Safety is the number one consideration - common sense and good judgment should be used at all times.

Parents dropping off unattended children should have a safety plan in place for their child.
Do not return until the all clear is sounded – 3 quick 5 second horn blasts.

NOTE – For offsite NYO games or practices, umpires and coaches should follow the same safety guidelines if they hear thunder or see lightning. Play or practice shall not be resumed until there has been a minimum all clear period of 15 minutes – again common sense and good judgment should be used at all times.

Thank you!

Here is the full schedule for games tomorrow.  Check the schedule carefully for your game as some scheduled times for Sunday have changed. Games in yellow were already make ups before today (this also include the regularly scheduled Pony American games). Games in orange are make up games from today (Saturday). Games with an asterisk are continuation games where games are in progress.

If we get no more rain today and lose more games, this may be updated.

Coaches - we are in the process of setting the practice schedules for those teams not playing tomorrow who would have normally have had a practice.

Thanks, NYO Baseball

League Field Away Home Time
Rookie BWE Braves Giants 12:30
Rookie BWE Rangers Cardinals 2:00
A BWW Angels Cardinals 5:00
A BWW Pirates Nationals 6:30
Majors FOD Orioles Cardinals 12:30*
Majors FOD Athletics Cardinals 1:30
International FOD Angels Tigers 3:30
Majors FOD Astros Angels 5:30*
Majors FOD Astros Red Sox 6:30
Pony American Garr Orioles White Sox 1:00
Pony American Garr Athletics Angels 3:30
Pony American Garr Royals Tigers 6:00
AA SS Royals Dodgers 12:30
AA SS Red Sox Angels 2:15
AA SS Orioles Cardinals 4:00
AA SS Athletics Orioles 5:45*
AA SS Yankees Braves 6:30*
International STJ Dodgers Braves 12:30
International StJ Giants Royals 2:30
International StJ Reds Pirates 4:30*
International StJ Athletics Diamondbacks 5:30
SmallBall TB1 Yankees Rangers 12:30
SmallBall TB1 Orioles Braves 1:45
SmallBall TB1 Nationals Reds 3:00
SmallBall TB1 Giants Athletics 4:15
Shetland Blue TB1 Yankees Giants 5:30
Shetland Blue SB5* Pirates Athletics 5:30
Shetland Red TB2 Pirates Athletics 4:45
Shetland Red TB2 Braves Nationals 6:15
Bronco Wilkins Dodgers Braves 12:30
Bronco Wilkins Yankees Giants 2:30
Bronco Wilkins Pirates Royals 4:30
Wednesday, 22 April 2015 14:37

Dugout Doings: NYO's Young Guns

Their team pictures reside in frames or scrapbooks their old coaches treasure more than the former players will ever know. It's blurred, but the picture with this story is of the 1998 NYO Mets. Allan Gottlieb is the coach on the right and two players to his left in the front row is Ross Conway. Allan has a similar team photo of the 2001 NYO 9-year-old all-stars, including a young player named Will Sheppard.  

Those photos will come to life at 7:30 Friday night on the Austin Armstrong Field of Dreams. For Ross, now an assistant to his old manager Allan Gottlieb, will help guide the Cubs against the other top team in the NYO Majors, the Diamondbacks  And Will Sheppard will be in the opposing dugout, helping coach the D'backs. Four other 20-something coaches, including three who also grew up playing NYO baseball, will be in the respective dugouts. They represent a generation of young, talented, caring NYO alums who have returned and like nothing more than to match baseball wits with their former coaches.  'Time for the students to (hopefully) surpass their former master,' says Ed Goetze, who describes himself as the 'nominal head coach' of the Diamondbacks. Ed says he is helping his four young assistants 'for a year so they'll be ready to go out on their own next year.'

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Friday, 17 April 2015 14:10

Dugout Doings: NYO's Baseball Collegians

It wasn't the blue-gray October sky Grantland Rice described when he wrote about Notre Dame's legendary Four Horsemen. Rather, it was a sunny Saturday afternoon in South Bend, Indiana, as two former NYO players came on in relief for their respective college teams, Notre Dame and Florida State. Sean Guenther, a lefty who grew up on the NYO fields, had recorded a save for Notre Dame Friday when he struck out five in the final two innings. Now, he faced Jim Voyles, who once played NYO Pony baseball with his twin brother (and FSU teammate), Ed.

'It was sort of surreal,' according to Ken Young, who was there. 'To show up in South Bend . . . for an ACC powerhouse matchup (Florida State was ranked 8th nationally at the time) and witness two opposing pitchers from NYO close the game.. . Wow!' Sean, a freshman and former Marist High School star, would get his third save of the season in the 4-1 win. Two of the five outs he recorded came by strikeouts. Notre Dame would sweep the three-game series.  Jim Voyles, an FSU sophomore who played at Holy Innocents', needed only 12 pitches as he struck out two of the three batters he faced. And they were not the only NYO alums on their teams.

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Saturday, 11 April 2015 10:28

Dugout Doings: Call Miss Jane

In a file cabinet in her office in the Dowis Building, Jane Wilkins has every annual directory NYO has ever published. It's a treasure trove of names. And each of those names belongs to someone touched by NYO baseball, fastpitch softball, football, basketball or cheerleading.  As NYO looks ahead with a new strategic plan, perhaps we should pause to take a look back, too.

Six years, on average, according to Jane, NYO's executive director, is the time a family spends connected to our sports program. But they are crucial and formative years for a child. Life's lessons are learned. Friendships are forged. Growth occurs. For some, high school sports await. For most, other interests arise and NYO becomes a memory. It's a memory worth revisiting.

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Tuesday, 07 April 2015 11:30

2015 Football Registration

Registration for NYO Football – 2015 Season

Registration for Returning Players – April 27 thru May 8, 2015 beginning at 8:00 AM.

NYO expects more players to register than can be accommodated. Parents are encouraged to register promptly. "Returning Players" are those that played football at NYO during the 2014 season. The registration fee is $350.00.

Registration for Players new to NYO Football –May 11 thru May 22, 2015 beginning at 8:00 AM. Registration for new players, meaning those that did not participate in the NYO Football program in 2014 and any returning players that missed the earlier registration must be completed during these dates. Registration is done online through The registration fee is $350. ALL new players are automatically placed on a Wait List. NYO expects more players to register than can be accommodated; registration & receipt of a tryout # through the on-line system do NOT mean that a player has been accepted in to the program. Acceptance notices will be e-mailed on the following month. Parents are encouraged to register May 11th.

Further dates concerning the 2015 NYO football Season:

NYO's Opening Day must be like Christmas morning for baseball commissioner Cliff Barshay. There's the parade, thanks to the hard work of co-chairs Margaret Bryant, Laura Herakovich and Merideth Houseman, but there's always the big question: Who will Cliff tap to throw out the official first pitch?  It's Cliff's surprise gift under the NYO Christmas tree.

'All three are now playing professional baseball,' Cliff intones as he speaks of the young men who grew up on NYO's baseball fields. 'They're working their way up through the system, and all are at spring training (which is why they could not be here). So, we did the next best thing. We asked their fatherrs to throw out the first pitch.'  John Thomas (Yankee minor leaguer Brandon's dad), Ken Young (father of future Cub Chesny) and Randy Rhino, standing in for Bryan Farmer (whose son Kyle catches in the Dodgers' organization), took their places on the mound. Behind the plate stood Thomas Markwalter, of the NYO Bronco Yankees, Christopher Fielden, of the NYO Majors Cubs, and Jonah Glenn, of the Bronco Dodgers, each boy matched with the organization for which the fathers' sons play.

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Saturday, 04 April 2015 11:30

Dugout Doings: An NYO Dad Remembered

Chris Deisley showed up one day, and he never stopped showing up. 'You wander out here with your daughter,' Fastpitch Softball Commissioner Brian Raley recalls of Chris and seven-year-old Caroline, 'and (before long) she's a star for the Lovett High School team.' Five years after Caroline, now a student at the University of Southern California, moved on from NYO, Chris Deisley remained. 'There was virtually nothing about softball he didn't do,' Brian Raley remembers. 'At tryouts, he hit flyballs. He was the go-to guy on drafts. Everyone listened to him. He was our scheduler and re-scheduler. He ran the youth umpiring and all-star programs.' For seven years, he served as the Fastpitch's assistant commissioner.

On January 20, Chris, who was 55, lost a two-year fight with brain cancer. This year, NYO fastpitch softball players will wear a patch with his initials, JCD, on their jerseys. At 2 p.m. Sunday March 29, all fastpitch games were halted and 200 gathered on the Larry Bennett field to remember Chris Deisley. Caroline, home from USC, her mother Laura and brother Will were there to receive a framed NYO shirt with Chris's initials on it. Those initials and Chris's first name were chalked on the infield where the ceremony took place.

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Tuesday, 31 March 2015 12:05

Changes for the 2015 Football Season

 Each year revisions are made to improve NYO’s Football program. The most significant changes that will be implemented in 2015 are summarized below.

  1. 1).  Training Camp – Immediately prior to tryouts a new feature of NYO Football will be introduced called Training Camp beginning on August 4, 2015 which will involve several days of instruction and light conditioning. Player safety is the primary objective of Training Camp which will be lead by former NFL player Buddy Curry who is a Heads Up master trainer. Objectives for Training Camp will include: teaching Heads Up drills to NYO coaches, providing players with appropriate Heads Up instruction, heat acclimation and light conditioning before contact drills in Tryouts. A secondary benefit of Training Camp will be that it will provide coaches with more time to evaluate players prior to the draft. The new player orientation will be eliminated.

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Monday, 30 March 2015 16:13

Georgia Tech Softball Day!

For the 8th year in a row, the Georgia Tech Softball team opened its arms and welcomed NYO Softball to a great day at Mewborn Field on the Georgia Tech campus.  More than 66 girls from across the different NYO leagues proudly displayed their NYO colors and sported pink in honor of Georgia Tech’s “Pink Day’ in their game with NC State.

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Team and individual pictures are this week - March 26-29.  See the attached schedule for your team's time and location.  Teams playing off-site will take pictures at St. John's UMC or Sarah Smith Elementary School.  Pictures will take place RAIN OR SHINE

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