Tsunami forces 'IF' game and wins it all!
Seniors Fastpitch Finals saw the Evert Cup raised by the underdogs.
2017 Volunteer of the Year - Clete McGinty
The program is indebted to Clete's years of service as coach in all sports, board member, executive board member, and father of three outstanding athletes at NYO.
Girls Basketball Registration May 1st!
We're headed for the best season yet! New Players Register May 15th.
Kyle Burnat Award - Christopher Fielden
Congratulations to all the Fielden family!
Returning players began registration at 8am on 24th. New Players begin sign-up on May 8th.
From games to practice
Our fields will be packed with summer teams after championships
Yankees take 2017 Bronco Championship!
4 year win streak continues - It's good to be a Yankee!

NYO Sports

Veteran NYO Girls Basketball Star Shines at Lovett stars

(This is part of the continuing series on girls who played in the NYO girls basketball program and have gone on to start for their high school team).
Jayden Worswick came to the NYO basketball program in 2010 as a precocious rookie league player, where she was a star from the start, and she stayed and polayed 6 seasons at NYO. She learned at a young age that ball handling skills would be critical, no matter what position she would eventually play; she needed the ability to dribble with either her left or right hand, and she needed to be able to create scoring opportunities off of the dribble.
Jayden learned how to handle pressure in our league, especially when on the free throw line. As a rookie player at NYO, she missed 2 free throws when at the line, late in a game.  The second time this happened, she made 1 of 2 free-throws, and the third time, she made both of them. A part of her success in basketball has come from learning to deal with pressure, and her experience at NYO helped her in that ability. Jayden also learned the value of teamwork, and the need to make the players around her better, when she was among the most skilled on her team.
Jayden won a few championships at NYO, and she learned how to win with grace, when that happened.  However, she lost her share of championship games as well.  She learned that a leader needs to learn how to lose, too, but those losses only fueled her fire to compete, to practice every day, and to improve her skills, every day.
Jayden carried her abundant skills to hish school, where she started at the 2 guard spot her freshman year at Lovett, where she found much success on the court.  She even had a 25 point game for the Lions, which finished 17-12 and made the state AAA play-offs, bowing out to Dawson County.  Lovett will be blessed with talent at the 2 spot, for 3 more years.
Jayden hopes to continue her basketball career in college; the picture may give you a hint about what she is thinking.

Congrats to the Minors Bandits on Winning the Regular Season and Tournament Championships

The Bandits had a great season winning both the Regular Season Championship and the Tournament Championship.  Led by Coaches Kent Tucker and Lee Carroll, the Bandits lived by their #1 rule for this season...HAVE FUN!  The likes of Jerry Reed, House of Pain, and Ed Shearin emanated from their large Orange Job Rocker between innings in every game.  You could always tell when the Bandits were playing as the tunes would be blaring.  The best part of the season was that each one of the Bandits had a moment in the sun with a big hit or a big defensive play to help the team win a game.  It was a true team effort this season for the Bandits!  Great job girls! 

Standing (L to R): Ryan Conley, Maggie Tucker, Ava Carbonara, Sarah Britton Givens, Addison Piontek
2nd Row (L to R): Avery Arnold, Anna Elizabeth Leland
Kneeling (L to R): Riley Blatt, Katie Weatherby, Vivian Carroll, May May McWhirter

Yankees Win 2017 Bronco Regular Season and Tournament Championships

The Yankees beat the Braves 10-0 on Sunday to capture their 4th straight Bronco championship and their 9th title in the last 11 years ! The Yankees capped off an incredible season which saw them go 17-2-1 during the regular season and swept through the playoffs outscoring their opponents 29-6. A total dominant team effort by the Yankees, Congrats to Coach Woolverton and his staff on a great season.

Back Row: Head Coach Jeff Woolverton, Kevin Beirne, Charlie Fleming, George Lazarou, Chris McDonald, Coach James Sears, Lawton Dempsey, Mason Ramos, Gregory Egan, Caleb LaValle, Coach Josh Alterman, Coach Jarrod Nackley
Front Row: Bat Girls Demi & Ella Woolverton, Corey Nelson, Stanton Aldridge, Drew Tovin, Joey Holiday

Christopher Fielden - 2017 Kyle Burnat Award Recipient

In 2003, the NYO Baseball committee established an award in memory of NYO Alum, Kyle Burnat.  Kyle, a Woodward Academy Alum, and Yale student athlete had a deep appreciation for his time spent at Northside Youth Organization:
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Dugout Doings: A Bittersweet Mother's Day

For Stacy Hanley, the first woman to serve on the executive committee of the NYO board, this Mother's Day will be filled with mixed emotions. But more on that, later. First, you need to meet Stacy: Wife, Mom, attorney,  10-year  NYO volunteer and a loving daughter. Although it's been two years since her oldest, Colin, played Bronco baseball, it takes Stacy 30 minutes to make her way past the Jane Wilkins Field, where Bronco games are played, after she leaves an NYO meeting in the nearby Dowis building. 
'I haven't been at the field in two years,' Stacy says. 'But I knew two-thirds of the people there.' Friendship is what makes NYO special for her. In response to a question about how NYO could improve, Stacy answers: 'I'm not sure we need to make it better. Maybe a tweak, here or there. But it's the greatest volunteer organization, and it's remarkable that we pull all of this off with volunteers.' And friendship with those volunteers is at the core of NYO. 'For me, it's a way to feel connected and to feel) purposeful. I like being connected to people.' Mothers like Stacy are the unsung heroes of NYO, which is why we have saluted Jane Wilkins, Pam Miller and Paige Fielden on other Mother's Days. (To read more, please click the headline)

NYO Baseball Playoff Schedules (updated through 5/21/17) stars

We'll be posting daily updates for NYO Baseball playoffs right here. Please click on the heading of this article and then on the attachment for your league to see results. There are three spreadsheets that we will be posting: one for Pony American and National, one for Bronco, Majors, International and AA (shown as upper leagues) and one for A, Rookie and Shetland Red (shown as coach pitch leagues). Good luck to all in the playoffs and we're looking forward to some great baseball.
Parents and Coaches - we know the games can get exciting this time of year, so let's be sure to follow the kids' lead and remain calm and collected throughout the tournaments!
Let the games begin.  Thanks, NYO Baseball

NYO Fastpitch Tournaments - Two Champions Crowned; Seniors Down to Final Two! stars

Two teams claimed titles on a beautiful Thursday night at NYO.  In the Minor League Championship, the top-seeded Bandits posted a 4-run 4th inning to pull away from the Blue Bombers for a 9-3 victory.  In the Majors, the Chill snuck two runs across in the late innings to top the Bullets 5-3.  Congratulations to the champs and the runner-ups in both games for excellent seasons!  The Senior League tournament is down to the final two, as the Tsunami came from behind to eliminate Trouble 8-2 on Friday evening.  The Tsunami advances to Monday's championship, where it must win two games in a row from the Alphabet--the only unbeaten team remaining in the double-elimination tournament.  Click on the article title to access the updated tournament schedules/results for all leagues.  Good luck to the remaining Senior teams!

Dugout Doings: Lessons of a 17-year-old

Strikeouts sting, especially when you're 10-years-old, go down looking and make the third out. Yet, assistant coach Sloan Wyatt, who watches from the dugout, shows no reaction as the player returns to the bench. Sloan, 17, helps coach the Blue Bombers of the NYO Minors fastpitch softball league. As one who has played the game since she was 6, Sloan knows there are no words to console the little girl. And she knows the worst thing is to express her disappointment in words or body language.
Sloan also knows things have a way of evening out, sometimes very quickly. The little girl goes to shortstop and promptly records the first two outs with snazzy plays that showcase her defensive skills. Sloan is the first to greet her with a gentle hug --- nothing more, nothing less --- as the inning ends. It's how little ones should be coached. Sloan, a rising senior at Pace Academy where she plays varsity fastpitch as well as lacrosse, represents the cadre of NYO alums willing to return to the Chastain fields to give of themselves. (To read more, please click on the headline)

NYO Football Leagues to be based on Grade stars

Players will be divided between leagues based on the school grade they will be attending during the fall of 2017.  Complimenting the grade based division of players will be a maximum age for each league as follows: (CLICK TITLE FOR MORE DETAIL).


With girls basketball registration right around the corner, starting on May 1,2017, this is the first of a series of articles on girls who played in our basketball program and have gone on to success with their high school team. Stay tuned for more. Ann Rafeedie holds many distinctions and honors from her five years in the NYO girls’ basketball program, but one of them can never change; she was the first person ever registered into the program, being assigned number 8001, on May 1, 2010. Credit also goes to her parents, Mac and Jane, for recognizing a great match; a terrific athlete with an aggressive nature, and a top-tier girls basketball program. Ann just finished a great sophomore season at Pace Academy, playing point guard and wing; it was her second year on the varsity team. That team finished 13-12, and was the Region 5 runner-up, gaining a berth in the AAA state girls basketball tournament (where Pace lost, falling in the first round of state to North Hall). Ann remembers three things about her NYO basketball playing days at NYO. First, she has made a group of life-long friends with whom she played basketball at NYO, in the girls’ program. Those friends are outside of her school. Second, she learned the rules of the game and the right way to play the game, from her coaches and the referees. To this day, Ann credits Zito McClarty (yes, that famous Zito) for his guidance, who, as a referee, taught her how to shoot a left-hand lay-up. Third, she gained a love of the game and a desire for competition, through playing basketball at NYO, in our girls league. Ann hopes to continue her basketball career by playing in college, but she also looks forward to two more successful years of high school basketball at Pace, for which she was made ready by the NYO girls basketball program. She also hopes to one day come back and be a coach at NYO. We would welcome her back in that role, with open arms.